Gingrich, Visionary<br><br><br>
Gingrich, Visionary


Newt Gingrich is one of the GOP's 'Big Ideas' guys, and is known to regard himself as quite a towering intellect, with wide-ranging interests to match.

Among them is his passion for astronautics and space travel.
He has advocated for a permanent manned lunar base by 2020, which could be an eventual 51st (and ideally red!) state. Continued exploration of the solar system is also on his wishlist, which has earned him the nickname Newt Skywalker. Call him grandiose, but you can't accuse the man of thinking small.

What would our planetary neighborhood look like if Gingrich
had his way? Newt's roving eye for the ladies is well known.
Our extra-terrestrial colonies would have to be well stocked with Barbarella-esque beauties. It could become a laboratory for his innovative thinking on the rolling back of child labor laws. We could have America's legion of disadvantaged kids doing custodial duty on America's new lunar outpost. Of course they'd be forbidden to unionize...

Move over Stanley Kubrick - with an imagination as well fertilized with bullshit as Newt's, the sky's the limit!